PORTRAITS (GUARDS), Import Export Galerie, Zurich 2012

PORTRAITS (GUARDS), Videoloops on 80 inch flat screens, music

PORTRAIT (CARRIE BUCKLES), HD-Video loop 14 min 41 sec, audio  min 58 sec

PORTRAIT (BERNARD W. BALSER), HD-Video loop 18 min 11 sec, audio loop 2 min 49 sec

PORTRAIT  (ELAINE F. ElIUK, HD-VIDEO loop 16 min 50 sec, audio loop 4 min 11 sec

PORTRAITS (GUARDS) is a series of 13 videos of guards working at the Peabody Essex Museum, the oldest Museum in the United States. The video of Carrie, the first guard portrayed, was part of the exhibition at PEM where she would surveil her own video portrait for 12 months. Guards are visible, yet at same time invisible. Guards are surveilling the visitors and are themselves surveiled by their supervisors with video cameras. To surveil and to be surveiled are equally constitutent elements of their identity. The videos are mostly silent. Only once in a while you hear the sitter‘s favourite song. Songs included: „Lakita‘s Theme“, ’Like a Prayer,“ „Close To Me,“ „Siren Song,“ „Only Love Can Break a Heart,“ „Lose Yourself“.
List of works: Portrait (Bernard W), Portrait (Balser), Portrait (Michael Boudreau), Portrait (Carrie Buckles), Portrait (Bill Buttimer), Portrait (Elaine F. Eliuk), Portrait (Peter Grimshaw), Portrait (Mary Johnson), Portrait (Neil Sicard), Portrait (Joseph Twohig)

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