SOU-SOU_JP_15, Vacant, Tokyo 2015

Exhibition documentation © Kohei Yamaguchi 2015

SOU-SOU_JP_15 2015, installation using photography, video, sound and ready-mades.

SOU-SOU_JP_15 2015, installation using photography, video, sound and ready-mades

OBJECT_VIDEO POOL 1 2015, video projection on textile, metal, two speakers on tripods in diagonal opposition, cables, video loop 4 min 01 sec, stereo sound.

JAPONISM 2015, two identical stools, 40 x 40 x 80 cm.

COLLECTION OF SIMILAR THINGS 2015, two pairs of tabi shoes (black and white), The Pillow Book (Makuro No Soushi) by Sei Shonagon, soft tissue-paper, round table leaf, stool, stairs

EMBLEM 2015, four identical chairs, round table leaf, 77 x 120 x 120 cm

AUSPICIOUS ARRANGEMENT 2015, 4 1/2 tatami mats, paper roll, UNTITLED (MODULAR UNIT) 2472_19A 2014, inkjet print 180 x 270 cm, cotton gloves, 180 x 370 x 360 cm

The exhibition at Vacant, Tokyo, reflects Japanese spatiality and the character of man-made objects, both eastern and western, traditional and contemporary, private and public. By featuring vernacular items such as shoes, tatami mats, and chairs – and by including videos, sounds and photographs of architectural elements – the work asks how objects define a place, and how, in turn, a place defines an object. Triggered by the open status of the VACANT 2F uninsulated project space in Tokyo, the focus is on its expression of inhabitance and tenure, of social inclusion. The wooden panelled walls make it an anti-white cube, from which daylight is expelled by the recently introduced panels.