STAIRS ETC, Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich 2014

STAIRS ETC, Edition Patrick Frey N° 166, 1. Edition 2014, design Trix Wetter, softcover, 480 pages, 1261 color images,
22 x 33.5 cm, ISBN: 978-3-905929-66-9

Over the years Marianne Mueller has accumulated an archive of photographs taken both at home and on extended journeys. Completely nonhierarchical, the pictures capture whatever has taken the artist’s fancy. In STAIRS ETC, her archive supplies copious images of the designed and built world around us. Laid out in double-page blocks and organized in the simplest of categories (from chairs and tables to fountains and pools), the photographs emulate a pseudo-encyclopedic overview of ordinary objects captured with a nonchalant eye for what we tend to write off as irrelevant and insignificant. We find ourselves meandering through a universe chock-full of things.