SHE KNOWS SHE IS IN CHICAGO_IL_17, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago 2017

SHE KNOWS SHE IS IN CHICAGO_IL_2017, Installation including photography on wallpaper, historical mahagony vitrines, dark Verde Antique Vermont marble, LED lights

Vitrine 2 2017, UNTITLED (EXHIBITION HALL) 2645_08, 355.6 x 292.1 x 73 cm

Vitrine 4 2017, UNTITLED (CENTRAL CURVING STAIRCASE), 2647_09A, , 355.6 x 292.1 x 73 cm

Vitrine 3 2017, UNTITLED (PRESTON BRADLEY HALL), 2650_01A, , 355.6 x 292.1 x 73 cm

Blown up prints of fragments of the building interiors, installed in the vitrines at the G.A.R. Hall, open up a meta dialog about the representational role of architecture and its interi­ors. The work becomes a testament to our changing notions of public space and public institutions and, more critically, to the resilience and the capacity of architecture to survive and renew itself through time — to traverse history and speak the different languages of its present. (Jesús Vassallo: A Love oft he World. The Photography oft he 2017 Chicago Architectural Biennial, in: Make New History, 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial, Lars Müller Publishers, Zurich)